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The iCard Predictor

The iCard Predictor is the most technically advanced horse racing predictor available. The iCard gives a predicted outcome for EVERY horse in EVERY race in the UK, Ireland and South Africa. It takes in more than 60 parameters of form from each horse in each race including the going, the distance, the jockey and trainer form, each horse's form on the course, right down to how each horse has performed according to the weight it has carried and the direction of travel it prefers.
It does this all in a blink of an eye whenever you click on a racecard for an upcoming race. Every horse is given a score and compared with all the other horses in that race. That way the iCard delivers a predicted outcome for every position in the race.
And the iCard Predictor is live too - if a non-runner is declared, or on the morning of the event the course going changes, so does the iCard Predictor.

Weighting the Predictor



The iCard is also interactive. It allows you to choose parameters that you may think are more important. If for example, you are looking for a Place prediction, simply click on the Place tab along the top to shift the weighting of the iCard predictor in favour of the Place outcome. And the same can work if you prefer to trust more in the Going or the recent form of the Jockey/Trainer combination.
Simply click on the tab for each one to hone your iCard prediction. Remember, the closer it gets to the race time, the more information the iCard Predictor has to produce that all important score.

Nap of the Day

The iCard Nap of the Day is calculated by displaying the single biggest difference in score from the horse predicted to win and the horse predicted to come second. And this is calculated across every race in the UK, Ireland and South Africa. Today's Nap of the Day

Long Shots

Everyone likes to win on a long shot and the iCard predictor handily displays the predicted winners from the day's races that have a early price equal, or greater than, 16-1. A few of these each day would be nice, but it's worth noting that the iCard Predictor doesn't unearth those long shot gems every day... Today's Long Shot

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