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Chester announce increased owner contribution

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Chester action

Chester racecourse has increased the minimum payment contribution to owners to £500 in 2017.

Having introduced a payment of £400 to owners with runners at the track last season, the track felt it had a positive effect on their fixtures with the number of runners up six per cent and the tally of non runners down 20 per cent.

The track has also invested in new big screens for the coming season as well as a new food court and bar facility.

Chester Race Company chief executive, Richard Thomas said:"We were delighted with the response to our £400 minimum prize fund introduction in 2016 and the resulting increase in runners and decrease in non-runners.

"Chester still remains the only racecourse in the country not to run a race for less than £10,000 and our aim is to ensure Chester remains the number one choice for Owners when making that all-important decision on where to run during the flat season."

The track also announced a newfive-year agreement with Premier Gateway International (PGI) to provide wagering services at Chester and sister track Bangor, which commences this month.


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