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Freeview Subscription Problems - Problems with Freeview Connectivity FAQ
(N.B. For payment issues, please call 0844 842 5010)


1.1.    About Freeview IPTV 

1.1.1. How does Racing UK work on Freeview IPTV? 

Racing UK is launching a new channel available on the Freeview HD platform.  We use the Freeview HD standard that allows for internet access, meaning we deliver our TV content to you via your broadband connection.   


1.1.2. What is Freeview HD?
Freeview HD is a standard that came out in early 2010.  Apart from allowing high-definition TV channels it also allows a compatible device to connect to the internet. 


1.1.3. What devices can I watch Racing UK on Freeview IPTV? 

Please see our up to date list of compatible devices here.


1.1.4. Will this service work on a regular Freeview set-top box connected to a HD television? 

No.  Your television set, or set-top box must be ‘Freeview HD’.  


1.1.5. Do I need a special broadband router? 

No. You just need a Freeview HD TV set or device which is connected to a TV aerial, and to your internet.


1.1.6. I have a ‘Freeview HD’ device but I cannot access Racing UK

Unfortunately some of the early Freeview HD devices are not fully compatible with the internet interactivity standard. In this case you should refer to the device manufacturer to see if/when a software upgrade may be available.  All currently sold Freeview HD devices are compatible. 

1.1.7. Is the service available on Freesat or Freesat HD?

No, this service is not currently available on Freesat or Freesat HD. The service requires a Freeview HD compatible TV set or device.

1.1.8. Why is the channel on Freeview, but not free?

Not all TV channels available on Freeview are free to watch (for example Top up TV).  Racing UK operates differently from a normal Freeview TV channel. We are a stand-alone service providing dedicated racing channel, bringing you the very best racing, all year round.

1.1.9. Will there be more channels available in the future?

Racing UK may add additional channels, but none are planned as yet.


1.1.10. Is this service available in all territories that broadcast Freeview?

Digital rights laws mean this service will not work outside the UK or Northern Ireland. The service is not available in the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man or Channel Islands.

1.2.    Subscribing and logging in to Racing UK on Freeview IPTV

1.2.1. How do I subscribe?

Before watching on your TV set you need to subscribe via our website. Please click here for full details on how to subscribe. 


1.2.2. How much does it cost to watch Racing UK on Freeview IPTV?

Racing UK on Freeview costs £20 per month.


1.2.3. How do I pay to watch Racing UK on Freeview IPTV?

Before watching on your TV set you need to subscribe via our website. Please click here for full details on how to subscribe. You need to create a PayWizard account first, then select the Racing UK subscription.  The first time you log-in on your television, you will need to input your username and password, using your remote control.


1.2.4. Do I need to sign in to the service every time I want to watch Racing UK?

No.  You will only need to sign-in with your username and password for the first time after you subscribe.  After that your TV set or set-top box will recognise you.  The only exceptions might be if you reset your device, or replace with a new device, or if you decide to log out. Keep your login details safe so you can enter them again if you need to. If you’ve lost your login details, contact 0844 842 5010.


1.2.5. How do I cancel my subscription?

Your Racing UK subscription is subject to a 12 month minimum term. After which you must provide 1 months notice of subscribing. Monthly subscriptions are handled by PayWizard. You can cancel your subscription by contacting PayWizard by calling 0844 842 5010.

1.3.    The channel quality/streaming/recording

1.3.1. Are the channels broadcast in high-definition (HD) or standard-definition (SD)? 

Racing UK is currently delivered in standard definition.


1.3.2. Can I record the Racing UK broadcasts?

This will depend on the kind of Freeview HD device you have. Some of them support the recording of content delivered over an internet connection, but some do not. However, all of our races are available as replays on the day they take place via


1.3.3. Is your payment service secure?

We use PayWizard which is part of the MGt Group, who provide secure payment services to many companies and TV channels in the UK. Paywizard are a trusted payment partner, you can find out more about them here.


1.3.4. Will I get charged for my internet useage?

Our TV content is delivered via your broadband service and so data usage will come under this.  You should check your data usage monthly limits but our content is about the same as watching TV or video on a the BBC iPlayer (c 1.5 Mbps).


1.4.  Error Messages

1.4.1. I am getting an error message which states ‘You do not have a compatible Freeview HD device’

This means that the Freeview service does not recognise your TV set or set-top box as Freeview HD.  If you do have an old Freeview HD device there may be an issue.  See Q 1.1.6.)


1.4.2. I am getting an error message which states ‘We cannot find an internet connection’ 

This means that you have a Freeview HD compatible device but we cannot detect any internet. Please check that internet cable is properly connected, and that your broadband service is working properly.


1.4.3. I am getting an error message which states ‘The channel is currently unavailable’ 

There may be a temporary problem with the broadcasting of the stream.  Try exiting the channel and returning.  If there is still a problem we will already be working on it!


1.4.4. I am getting an error message which states ‘There is a problem with your subscription’

There may be a problem with your subscription payments - perhaps your payment card has expired. Log in to your PayWizard account for details.

1.5.  Troubleshooting 

1.5.1. I cannot find channel 113 on my Freeview EPG

Whenever new channels are added to Freeview your digital TV or set-top box needs to rescan/retune to find these channels.  Some devices will do this automatically, otherwise you will need to do this manually by going through the menu options on your device.


1.5.2. The TV channel /screen seems to have frozen

If the back/cancel button does not seem to work, then exit the Racing UK service by using the Channel UP or DOWN buttons on your remote. Then return to the Racing UK channel.


1.5.3. What happens if I have forgotten/lost my username or password?

If you have forgotten your password please click here and request it to be emailed to you.


1.6.    Other

1.6.1. Does my subscription work on more than one TV?

Yes, you can use your login details on more than one device, but they cannot be used simultaneously.


1.6.2. Can I use my subscription at someone else’s house/on another device?

Yes you can, but you must ask the broadband bill-payer’s permission as it will use their internet connection


1.6.3. Why does the TV cut out when I press the red button?

Make sure you are pressing the correct red button. Ensure you are using the interactive button rather than the TV power button.


1.6.4. Can I take my ‘Freeview HD’ box abroad and use the service there?

Digital rights laws mean this service will not work outside the UK or Northern Ireland. The service is not available in the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man or Channel Islands.


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