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Dave Nevison


Dave Nevison

After I was made redundant from The City in 1993 with a half decent pay off I persuaded my wife that it was the racecourse, rather than the dealing room, for me and amazingly she agreed with the caveat that I ''got my arse back up in The City as soon as I had done my money.'' Fortunately it lasted a good while, and I ended up making a few quid and a bit of a name for myself for the next 17 years, during which I wrote various columns for RFO, The Sun and The Daily Record.

Helped considerably by David Ashforth, I published two books; the bestseller A Bloody Good Winner, and the less good; No Easy Money.

I then decided to go into business with a social betting idea I named Bodugi, and for a while felt I had finally hit the jackpot. It went belly up, however, after failing to secure a significant second round of funding. I have put that behind me and I am now taking a highly statistical approach to betting both for myself and Racing UK punters. 

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