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1 November 2013

John Watkiss: Hi Hayley, you're a very strong and stylish jockey. Do you think you can improve more?

HT: There's always room for improvement. When I was recuperating from my broken ankle this season, I trained really hard and was only out for five weeks as a result. I kept those fitness levels up while riding and I really felt the benefit, so fitness is definitely one thing to work on.

William Gibson: What’s the best horse you’ve been on?

HT: Dream Ahead, who I won the 2011 July Cup on.

Simon Morrison-Peacock: Do your plans for 2014 include going for the magic 100 winners again?

HT: Yes. Having spent so much time off this year, I am really keen to get cracking in January and keep busy throughout the year without killing myself! If that takes me to 100 then I'll be delighted.

Paul Duffy: Glad to see you’re on the mend. While out injured, you missed the ride on Ribbons. How good do you think she can be?

HT: Yeah, I missed riding her when she got beaten at Yarmouth in September. She'd had a busy season and I don't think she was her true self that day. She does have a bit of an attitude so should mature mentally, as well as physically, next year.

Neil Hunt: How did you feel about Seal of Approval winning the other day?

HT: I did have mixed feelings watching it, but if there was one person I could have picked to replace me it would have been George Baker. I can’t believe that was his first Group One win as he’s one of the best there is.

Craig Simeon: Who would you say is the best technical jockey in the weighing room and what's your favourite track to ride? Great servant to the sport Hayley - well done!

HT: Thank you Craig and so you know jockeys and technology don't go well together!!! Ascot as I have some great memories from the Shergar Cup and love the Royal meeting, although I haven’t ride a winner there... yet! Also Southwell as it's the only place I get Gluten free food - thanks to my nanna!

Carl Swanson: With your current run of injuries will you be more wary now when you climb aboard a horse?

HT: No. Once you start losing your nerve or bottle, then it's probably time to give up. I do get a little nervous when I get back on a horse after a break - but I think that's more nervous excitement.

Anthony Horsewhisperermate Newton: How many bones have you broken riding?

HT: Six: three in the back, the same bone twice in the ankle, and my pelvis. I've also suffered two bouts of concussion.

Bryan Scott: Lady jockeys are improving all the time. Which up-and-coming lady Jockey do think can make it to the top?

HT: I've been very impressed by everything Shelly Birkett does. She has talent and looks to have the right attitude too.

Mark Davis: What's your favourite course abroad?

HT: Arlington, where I won the Beverley D on I'm A Dreamer

Ryan Tanner: We all know how good you are on the Flat but have you any plans to ride in the Cheltenham bumper?

HT: If I got offered a ride, then I would certainly consider it but I can't see who would right now!

Patrick Hogan: Would you ever like to ride over Jumps?

HT: I do school once a year for my friend Amy Weaver and I used to show-jump, but I need to limit the possibility of being injured. So that means no skiing for me this year either!

Dave Harvey: Are you going to the Froch v Groves fight, and who will win?

HT: I haven't got a ticket, so if you know of anyone..? Carl always starts well and then flags in the middle rounds before finishing strongly. It's much like my running! Carl to win on points.

Peter Box Rooney: Would you move to Ireland if you got a job offer at Ballydoyle?

HT: Shame that question didn't come from a Mr A O'Brien. Yes, of course. It's not as if you'd have to leave home for the rest of your life.

Alex Butterfield: What would you like to do when you have retired from race riding?

HT: No idea!

Trevor Jones (from Elite Racing Club): We want you to get well soon. What is your impression of the Club?

HT: I think it's a brilliant club and will happily ride all your horses next year!

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